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Adoption by UltimateAlexandra1

Okay this is my first adoption, whoever wants this character with her pet phoenix I will only ask for Fifty points for this, no more no less.

{Make sure you give credited to all the creators while you're at it.}



Creation idea-:iconultimatealexandra1:
Jessica, Jenavieve and Maria Sycamore by UltimateAlexandra1
Jessica, Jenavieve and Maria Sycamore
Starting from the left is Jessica Intelligent Sycamore and ending from the right Maria Caring Sycamore.

Jessica Intelligent Sycamore is Rebekah Colmare's eldest daughter and is married to Zonic the Zone Cop (If some of you fans of mine out there knows who that is), she's most like her father as has a mixed personality of her mother and father but she never flips out or gets angry. She's a scientist and a technology enthusiast which explains why she's one of the most intelligent one in the family. She makes her own projects, she has a noble and kind hearted personality with a bit of both of her mother and father's personality. She's not afraid to show her eyes anymore due to the fact that she learn a little bit of the truth behind her fathers "death" the killer was aiming at her while she was trapped in crystal not her father the most possible explanation is that somehow the word of her being born with demon like eyes got slipped out so the killer tried to kill her while she was crystallized with her mother and two younger siblings Jenavieve and Maria because he or she thought she was a real demon but her father protected her as for the killer he or she was shocked to see he or she actually kill her father and during shock the kill slipped off the top floor outside and feel and struck his or her neck on the front balcony railing before falling more and have their body crushed by the broke rumble of the rocks of the castle so the case was ruled was attempt of murder with a side of an accidental death. Sounds kinda crazy but the slip and falling to death was an accident for the murder and there was no foul play involved. Many years later she's living happily with her family and new friends (Mostly Androids and machines who can feel and have a heart.) Even though she and her three sisters were born with immortality and eternal human life she has no interest in becoming goddess, at least not the kind like her mother its has way too much responsibility but she does help others when she can. She's been teaching her father about more highly advance technology too, as a kid she loved taring things apart to see how they work. (She only snapped once though due to one android she discovered who was annoying and a total jerk. Wanna know who? Sentinel Prime from Transformers Animated, and I know that guy too well and how he became a jerk in the first place. Almost everyone knows about him.) Her pet wolf is named Mia by the way.

Jenavieve Compassionate Sycamore is the second daughter of Rebekah Colmare and she treats anyone she can with kindness since she has a very sweet, understanding and kind personality. She's also kind to animals and Pokemon she wants to become a traveling Pokemon Trainer like her mother someday but she's still studying about the Pokemon Rebekah keeps around Unity Castle and helping taking care of them for the time being so she will know how to take care of her own Pokemon when she gets some. She's a major book room and pretty much knows about everyone staying at Unity Castle and her family's history which she's also learning more because she loves learning. She's never thrown a fit in her life but rarely snaps, she's been practicing how to cook too so sometimes she helps her mother in the kitchen. She's also the family's royal Sorceress.

Maria Caring Sycamore is the third daughter and is married to Shadow the Hedgehog, she loves exploring and adventuring. She knows how to use all sorts of weapons but always loves to try out new things even if it doesn't involve weapons. She's even good at hand to hand combat, she's a total knock out for loving challenges. What's interesting that she was born with skin that can't be tanned in the sun, it highly possible it was some kind of magic effected which cased it and she's stuck with it but she doesn't mind it all. Her pet wolf is name Nelina, she seems to have a magic effect to regarding why her fur is pink and the fair is named Dory she's Maria's fairy partner. Maria also loves spending time with her friends and family, she's also a fast learner too. Also she is the royal family's Secret Agent with blacksmithing on the side.




Halloween Request 1 by UltimateAlexandra1
Halloween Request 1
This was requested by :iconthegalpodcast:, she wanted me to make her main character to have a Halloween form. For characters colors I would go with Black, Crimson Red, Grey and Sliver.

Hope she likes it.~



Rebekah Colmare really knows how to make dresses by UltimateAlexandra1
Rebekah Colmare really knows how to make dresses
Nuff said.




Crimsusana by UltimateAlexandra1
There I created a Chaos Form for Rebekah Colmare for when she's involved in Creepypasta or something happy now?

Crimsusana: You viewers have no idea how long it takes her bring her ideas to life even with dress up games.

Me: Oh hush and get off my keyboard. And Osha THAT'S REAL White skin, no human skin is like that kind of white and THAT skin color makes you more like a ghost not the other skin colors.

Crimsusana: Vampire movie and show makers eat your heart out. >:3

Me: Just get off my keyboard....



I believe you're being a little too hard on :iconmaverickhunterzero3: he's just like Alma and he's been bullied in miiverse many times and if you can kindly ask him and teach him how DA works around here he be more comfortable. I mean it, he's my little brother and he's part of our family. He doesn't like Iris or Roll anymore, lets give him some compassion and he's only sixteen so give him love and compassion, I'm glad I stayed out of the fire for once so I can find out what's really going on. He's only been here for a few weeks and he doesn't have friends or family to support him.

I believe it's best to start over, first ask some questions about him to get to know him better and then tell him about yourself that should get us all started.~

I'm Serious.~

And now for something completely different.

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Rebekah Elizabeth
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Greetings to one and all I am Rebekah Kazarian Elizabeth Dehart.
In reality I was born in California and moved here in Texas.
I am French, Irish, Armenian and American my teachers said I have motherly love inside my and then it got me to realize, what counts isn't on what people act on the outside but what's going on inside the heart and ever since my grandma Julia passed way her spirit got to me and I've been wearing my cross necklace everyday.

I will do whatever and however I can to bring everyone here deviantART together and keep her spirit alive and I'll forever never give up Love, Hope, Justice and Friendship. I need to keep my grandma Julia's spirit alive!~

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Anyone want a Dragon for free?
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I really love Dragons and my Fantasy self is a Dragon and a Dragoon.~


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